iOS in the Car screenshots appear complete with faux home button

Chris Burns - Jan 21, 2014, 2:57 pm CDT
iOS in the Car screenshots appear complete with faux home button

Several images of what’s assumed to be the current developer-ready versions of “iOS in the Car” have appeared on the web this afternoon courtesy of developer Steve Troughton Smith on Twitter. While we’ve got no additional details – nor any kind of confirmation that the images are completely legitimate – it would very much appear that Apple is close to releasing their final details on the market-ready software. This includes a simple left-sitting sidebar with home button, wi-fi connectivity bar, and time readout for starters.

Inside iOS in the Car you’re going to see some simple Apple Maps implementation as well. This push includes a zoom in, zoom out, navigation, and 3D button set alongside a button that advances you through the Maps navigation screens. Oddly enough, the whole lot is joined by a single iOS home button – the kind that, until recently, appeared on all iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch.


In the newest iPhone you’ll find the same home button without the rounded-off square in the center. Here it would seem that the icon remains, keeping with the familiarity of the symbol even though its disappeared from the iPhone itself. Perhaps this is something similar to the floppy disk continuing to be used as a “save” icon many years after it’s disappeared from the real world.


Also in this set of images you’ll find a Safety Warning that suggests you observe posted road signs and current road conditions, with an extra note on how “road conditions and directions may change or be inaccurate.” Finally there’s a bit on how “walking directions may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths” as well.

One image shows the Apple headquarters locked in at 1-5 Infinite Loop, just as simple as it would in the iOS app for mobile devices. Up close and personal with the sidebar you’ll also find the top portion to be dedicated to a compass, showing you which direction the front of your vehicle is aimed. How very simple it all is, yes?

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