iOS in the Car demoed in early pre-official emulation

This week app developer Steven Troughton-Smith has one-upped his comment-less release of a set of what very much appeared to be iOS in the Car screenshots with a full-on demonstration video. Here you'll see the developer showing off the functionality of iOS in the Car with a video that's emulated the functionality in a developer window on a desktop. This functionality is already built-in with iOS 7.0.3 but is not accessible by default.

In other words – this is a release made well before Apple has prepared it for the public. Why this setup was accessible – even under layers of inaccessibility – is not yet known, especially if they meant to keep a demo like this under wraps.

The demo window you're seeing here is inside 800 x 400 pixels of screen, suggesting that this first iOS Simulator-run bit of software is limited in scale, even if ever-so-slightly. As vehicles ramp up the pixels inside their in-dash displays, will certainly seen Apple do the same.

"- Supports Multiple Resolutions

- Supports touchscreens (presumably single-touch?), hardware buttons, wheels and touchpads

- Does not support multitasking – car display will always show same current on-screen app as iPhone (which can be locked/asleep)

- Whitelisted to specific Apple apps – no public API for developers [yet?]

- Has no keyboard UI – voice recognition as input

- UI clearly subject to change

- Missing functionality in video is due to iOS Simulator not containing all the stock iOS apps" – Steven Troughton-Smith

You'll have to experience this for yourself with your own developer knowhow – you'll have to figure out how to run it yourself, that is – if you intend on seeing it in action for yourself up-close any time soon. For now you'll need to seek out demoes like these in the wild, fully early enough to expect that anything might change before any full release.

Have a peek and let us know what you think of the experience thus far. Have a peek at the timeline below as well to follow the development of this interface from the start. Apple's hitting cars and trucks and everything in-between soon, and very soon – of that you can be sure.

UPDATE: as shown by developer Denis Stas, things are just a bit updated when the user switches over to iOS 7.1 Beta, as well.