iOS hero horror game “Year Walk” heads to Steam

Chris Burns - Mar 6, 2014
iOS hero horror game “Year Walk” heads to Steam

While generally it’s the case that a high-powered game will be released to consoles and PCs first, then (years later) it’ll be ported to mobile devices, the developer crew at Simogo have turned the tables. In a manner that we’ve only really seen Angry Birds be especially successful at in the past, Simogo are releasing what many critics suggested was the Game of the Year for iOS in the year 2013, “Year Walk.”

This game is not your average mobile game. Instead, you’re working with a “Swedish horror” in an updated vision of the original, made for the larger and more versatile environment of the gaming PC. This game works with traditional animation as well as stop-motion and 2D/3D effects, creating a unique atmosphere for fans of terror.

This new edition of Year Walk features several new additions:
• New locations within the game
• New puzzles
• Map
• Updated art
• Integrated encyclopedia about the mysterious myths and creatures encountered in the game
• Hint system
• Steam Achievement Puzzles

Puzzles have been altered and controls have been changed up for a move that’s more than just your average port. While games that’ve moved from the PC down to mobile often times still play better on their original platform, this game has been enhanced.

The game itself works with a Swedish folklore ritual in which the user is starved and is pushed to hallucinate and even time travel. Needless to say, you’ll find this to be one strange journey as we have. If you liked it on iOS, you’ll love it all the more on the desktop platform.

This game will be released immediately if not soon to Steam for a cool $5.99 USD. You’ll be able to play this game on Windows and Mac computers through Steam.

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