iOS Google Cardboard Camera: just in time for iPhone 7

This week the folks at Google responsible for virtual reality action have released the Cardboard Camera app for iOS. This app had previously been released for Android devices only – now with an update to the Android app and a release to iOS, it's available for iPhone and iPad too. Users will be able to quickly take spherical photos with their iPhone or iPad, piece by piece, then upload them to the internet with Google's Cardboard Camera system.

Google's Cardboard Camera works with photos captured from all angles. SEE TOO: Pokemon GO for Google Cardboard (VR) confirmed The person capturing the photo takes one photo to begin – that photo is set in place according to the phone's sensors in one section of a sphere. The user is encouraged to move around themselves in this sphere (visualized in the camera app), and fill out the entirety of said sphere.

The end product is a visualization of a location. The user saves the image and can share with the world – or just one friend – so that they might also visit that location.

This app also acts as a connection to Google Cardboard – the VR headset.

Users can open this app, tap the Cardboard headset button, put their phone in the headset, and view a collection of spherical locations. This app captures and visualizes the locations – all in one – so that the experience can be made as simple as possible for the end user.

This is the latest in Google's collection of VR initiatives, most recently touching down on the brand Google Daydream. This is the next-gen slightly higher-up vision from the same group that brought on Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is the most basic VR initiative the company has – and is one of the most widespread VR ecosystems in the world.

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