iOS Accounts for 65% of Apple's Current Sales

Oh my goodness gracious. Take a peek at the chart below created by the talented folks over at asymco. It depicts Apple's quarterly sales since the fourth quarter of 2005, three quarters before the iPhone was first released. The most staggering factor might either be the very obvious upward moving trend without very much of a dip since the chart began, or it might be the face that even though the iPhone (which was released in 2007) was the only iOS device out three and a half years ago, this past quarter iOS accounted for 65% of Apple's sales. That's monstrous.

Some of the figures in this chart more specifically ring right around $15 billion for the iPhone and iPad last quarter, with iPod Touch generating $2.3 billion on its own. On the other hand, OS X powered products like laptops and desktops generated only 20% of the revenue where 5 years ago that percentage was closer to half. The total percentage of Apple product sold by Apple this past quarter that WASNT powered by one of its operating systems was 10%. Is Apple no longer a software company? Is Apple almost solely a hardware company? When answering a question on Quora on whether Apple is a Software, Hardware or Media company, the creator of the chart above, Horace Dediu answered by saying it's all three. This question was of course answered before he made the chart.

[Via asymco]