iOS 9: how to download, when to expect

Apple has released its new software for iPhone and iPad and you might be asking yourself: "how do I upgrade to iOS 9?" Well let us tell you! It's pretty easy, actually. For most people the iOS 9 upgrade will pop up automatically. Tapping a couple buttons is all you'll need to do. For other, less patient users – like yourself – you'll have only to tap a couple more buttons than the rest. Once they're pressed, you'll only need to sit back, relax, and think about what you've done.

Below you'll find a chart of times at which the iOS 9 release will likely go live. This chart is based on precedent, and is not officially released by Apple itself. If your update doesn't appear as the chart says, please refrain from freaking out, and wait a bit longer.

When iOS 9 will arrive

Again, these times are NOT delivered by Apple. They're all based on one single moment at which several iOS updates have been released in the past:

• USA Eastern time: 1 PM (in the afternoon on the 16th)

• Central: 12 PM

• Mountain: 11 AM

• London: 6 PM

• Moscow: 9 PM

• New Dehli: 10:30 PM

• Shanghai: 1 AM on the 17th

• Tokyo: 2 AM on the 17th

• Melbourne: 3 AM on the 17th

• Auckland: 5 AM on the 17th

You'll notice that the times line up. If you live in Tokyo, you'll probably be sleeping when the update comes. If you live in North Dakota, you'll hopefully be eating lunch.

How to update to iOS 9

Make sure your device is charged up, first and foremost. Once you're charged and the time is right, you'll head into your device's Settings. Settings can be found by locating the gray gear icon likely sitting there on your first home screen. After that, it's super easy.

• Step 1: Open Settings• Step 2: Tap General• Step 3: Tap Software Update

If you're unable to access the software update, you'll probably have to wait. If you're in that situation, it'll be good to gain a better perspective on the iOS 9 universe by hitting our iOS 9 Tag Portal. Be sure to check our other guide "Get your iPhone ready for the iOS 9 update: here's how.