iOS 9 Continuity to support T-Mobile Wi-Fi calls

Almost exactly last year, Apple revealed the Continuity feature of the then upcoming OS X Yosemite, a feature that, among other things, allowed Mac users to make and take calls on their Macs as long as their iPhone or iPad is within range. Useful as that may be, there was one subset of users that were left out in the cold. Those on T-Mobile that used Wi-Fi calling couldn't get their hands on Continuity. That is, until later this year when iOS 9 rolls out with that particular feature along for the ride.

Apple's Continuity is undoubtedly a useful feature. It practically made each Apple device an extension of one another. Aside from just sharing content, it also shared activities. An email you were composing on your Mac or MacBook can be instantly continued on your iPhone or iPad when you leave the area or vice versa. It's so useful that some have tried to imitate some of its features. Naturally, Samsung is included in that list with its recently revealed Samsung Flow.

The call function is particularly useful for those who constantly get or make calls even while they're on their desk. It removes the hassle having to pick up your phone, much less walk to it if it happens to be at a distance. So the frustration of having that desirable not work for Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile is definitely understandable, if not warranted.

Thanks to some very early testers of the iOS 9 preview, there might be some hope for such T-Mobile subscribers. At least one tester claims that he was able to make Continuity work, though between an iPhone 6 running iOS 9 beta 1 and an iPad mini running iOS 8.4 beta 3. Hopefully, that same good news will be available for those running OS X Yosemite when iOS 9 fully launches in a few months.

VIA: TmoNews