iOS 8.2 released for iPhone and iPad

This afternoon Apple released iOS 8.2 for iPhone and iPad, readying the masses for the Apple Watch. While the Apple Watch itself won't be out until the 10th of April, this software is prepared for your smartphone or tablet right this minute. The first thing – and perhaps most important thing beyond Apple Watch for this update is that Health App has been improved in several ways – adding the ability to select the unit of measurement for body temperature, weight, height, distance, and blood glucose, for one thing – improving stability when dealing with large amounts of data for another.

This update to both the iPad and iPhone brings a number of stability enhancements and bug fixes as well, for apps like Mail, Maps, Music, and iTunes. This update also brings on the ability add and visualize (with charts!) workout sessions from 3rd-party apps.

You'll be able to work with a new privacy setting now as well, turning off tracking of steps, distance, and flights of stairs climbed.

Importantly – this update does not automatically add the Apple Watch app to your iPad. The Apple Watch app WILL be downloaded automatically to your iPhone.

For now the update to iOS 8.2 for your device is mostly about fixing bugs and making way for the next wave. If you're not all about an Apple Watch, you may as well update anyway – there's no downside but the time it'll take to do the update (which is about 5 minutes, max).