iOS 8.1.1 beta brings performance boost for older devices

Apple's iOS 8 rollout has been — interesting. After a false-start for HealthKit and download problems that caused some devices to lose cellular connectivity, we all seem to be on the right track. Though some hefty improvements to iOS are expected with iOS 8.2 and/or 8.3, Apple has iOS 8.1.1 in beta form, and has begun seeding it to Developers. Whether you've upgraded or not, this update is one you'll want to look for, and it could pave an important path for the iOS faithful.

Though the release notes are ripe with "bug fix" this and "minor improvement" that, iOS 8.1.1 is a big deal. The existing versions of iOS 8 are absolutely terrible for older devices, bogging them down to a point they become nearly unusable for normal day-to-day activities.

The release notes might want you to know Apple is fixing bugs and such, but you'll also get "increased stability and performance improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S".

You know, the hardware a lot of users have.

Having known a few people who upgraded to iOS 8 (against my advice) and watched them suffer through it, this is good news to hear. Though iOS 8.1.1 is incremental, we hope it means Apple will continue to improve their software/hardware relationship moving forward.

After all, not everyone can afford to upgrade hardware when the software makes a leap forward.

Source: 9to5Mac