iOS 7 log-in bug appears to affect several key apps

Today several sources – and users across the USA – are reporting a bit of an annoyance in iOS 7 for their iPhones and iPads when working with apps that require log-in information. One of the most prevalent of these is Mailbox, the email app released earlier this year to iPhone and iPad for iOS 6. It would appear that Apple's renewed interest in software and hardware security may have snuck up on developers now finding their apps to be kicking out refreshes at an alarming rate.

Mailbox has spoken on the issue this afternoon saying that they're in "crisis mode" trying to figure out the issue. While they did submit a "version 1.6.2" of their app to the App Store with success this morning, they've still got a load of users out in the wild running iOS 7 without the app update, resulting in the requirement for a new login each time the app is closed – and sometimes when it's not.

The Mailbox Team, as they're called suggest that the root of the cause sits in Apple's new Background Refresh feature in iOS 7. They've also said that they're currently having "discussions with a couple other prominent apps who are seeing similar issues on iOS 7." You'll also find Mailbox's Twitter account blowing up with replies to dissatisfied users who've no yet downloaded their newest software version.

Other apps that have reportedly been having problems:

• PayPal

• YouTube

• Evernote

Let us know if you experience something similar. We'll be following bug support and reports from the field as we see this – quite likely – added to the list of issues that'll have to be taken care of on one end or the other. Chances are if you've not seen an update to every single one of the apps you've got on your device since the 18th of this month, you will soon!

Also note that if you're working with iOS 6 today and you've been waiting to update to iOS 7 – you can do that right this minute! We've also got a full review of iOS 7 if you do so decide you'll be needing to see one, and in the timeline below you'll find reviews of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c too!