iOS 7 jailbreak supposedly already in the works

With an iOS 6 jailbreak now out and about, developers are starting to think ahead to iOS 7. We've already heard from Evad3rs team member David Wang (a.k.a. Planetbeing) about the chances of jailbreaking iOS 7, and according to him, it'll most likely be a slow battle to find the exploits in iOS 7. However, another well-known jailbreaker has stepped up and pointed out that he has a solution.

Joshua Hill (a.k.a. p0sixninja, who's a member of the Greenpois0n dev team) took to Twitter and said that, from the looks it, "the next jailbreak might be created entirely by [him]." He followed up with that statement saying that "Evad3rs haven't gone anywhere," and he claims he "just discovered all the needed exploits...over the past few months."

The latest version to be jailbroken is iOS 6.1.2, which means that iOS 6.1.3 still has to be exploited, as Apple as specifically called out the Evad3rs dev team and patched up the exploits needed to jailbreak. At that point, Wang says he doesn't know if a jailbreak will be released for iOS 6.1.3, and iOS 7 may be just as hard to break into.

Of course, we're not sure if Hill is simply pulling our leg or if he's actually being quite serious, but considering that he's a reputable dev team member, it's very likely that he's telling the truth. Either way, iOS 7 hasn't even been announced yet, so it's too early to tell exactly how easy or hard it will be to break into iOS 7.