Evad3rs member Planetbeing talks iOS 7 jailbreaking

The iOS 6 jailbreak is officially out and it's had plenty of time to get into the hands of eager jailbreakers, specially 7 million of them. Now that the Evad3rs dev team has had some time to relax, one of the members was available to answer questions on Reddit today. Planetbeing, the hacker also behind the first jailbreak ever, discussed his thoughts on jailbreaking iOS 7.

When asked if iOS 7 may possibly be harder or more easier to jailbreak than iOS 6, Planetbeing says that "it's hard to say," since he's not quite sure what Apple will do, but he guesses that the next major version of iOS will be harder to jailbreak, and while the time it takes to jailbreak each major iOS version has kept rising, Planetbeing really isn't sure how long it might take to get iOS 7 exploited.

He continues by saying that, when iOS 7 eventually comes out, the dev team will study it and see what they can do with it. He says that you "can't really plan on" things beforehand, since it's so difficult to know what to expect. Planetbeing says that it's all a "specialized game with a steep learning curve."

As far as what Planetbeing does when he's not hacking into Apple devices, he actually works at a web analytics company for his day job, and as far as his free time, he says that "if jailbreaking is no longer possible," he would most likely play all those Steam games he bought on sale that he never gets around to playing.