iOS 7 Control Center adds toggles at a swipe

This week at WWDC 2013, Apple has added a feature to their mobile operating system called "Control Center". With iOS 7, Apple has introduced a brand new user interface, complete with updated icons, typsetting, and a user interface that's refreshed from top to bottom. Control Center adds toggle switches to iOS 7.

With Control Center, users will be able to access AirPlane Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Night Mode, and Rotation Lock in a bar pulled up from the bottom of the iPhone. Brighness and music will be able to be accessed from this screen, AirDrop and AirPlay as well.

This push will make AirDrop and AirPlay a much more central part of the iPhone experience, making the Apple TV a lot more of a central element to the Apple experience. The same is true of AirDrop, a system where files can be dropped and sent automatically from one device to another, just so long as they're all on the same wi-fi network – it works right out of the box with OS X, mind you.

Down at the bottom of this pull-up set of controls are Apps – but note: multi-tasking is still separate. This quick-access access points go to flashlight, calculator, camera, and more – basic elements. Stick around SlashGear's Apple hub for more information throughout the day and the week!