iOS 7 beta 3 reportedly arriving July 8

Craig Lloyd - Jun 28, 2013
iOS 7 beta 3 reportedly arriving July 8

We’ve already seen two betas of iOS 7 that have arrived for developers, the second of which came with significant improvements as far as bugfixes are concerned. The second beta only came out earlier this week, but it’s always nice to think ahead, right? That’s why we’re gearing up for the release date of the third beta for iOS 7, which is said to land on July 8.

July 8 doesn’t seem too surprising of a date, however, since Apple has been sticking to a two-week cycle for releasing new betas. According to Boy Genius Report, “trusted sources” have said that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available on July 8 for carrier testing. We should also be seeing a handful of bugfixes and performance improvements as well.

The release of iOS 7 beta 3 would mark two weeks after the release of beta 2, and four weeks after the release of the initial beta of iOS 7, which was revealed at WWDC 2013 earlier this month. Last year’s iOS 6 beta testing also used a two-week release cycle for the first two betas, but Apple eventually moved to a three-week cycle for the last two beta versions.


This means that a July 8 release date for the third beta would be a bit speedier than iOS 6’s release cycle, but that could be to make room for more beta versions in order to get the final release ready in time for the launch this coming fall, where we also might see a refreshed iPhone.

iOS 7 marks the first time since the iPhone’s initial release back in 2007 where the user interface has received a major overhaul. Some users might say that iOS 7 simply received new icons and some new features, rather than a complete overhaul of the mobile OS, but seeing as how iOS literally hasn’t changed significantly within the past several years, iOS 7 is a huge change compared to earlier versions.


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