iOS 7.0.4 and 6.1.5 software updates released with FaceTime fix

You'll be seeing an over-the-air update to your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and/or iPod touch this afternoon if you've got them connected to the internet, this regardless of if you're using iOS 7 or iOS 6. This update will be bringing both the iOS 6 and iOS 7 world up to a point where they'll be rid of a FaceTime call bug which caused calls to fail for some users. This update also fixes a number of unnamed bugs in the system.

The iOS 6 version of this update is aimed specifically at 4th generation iPod touch devices. This update also fixes the same FaceTime call bug, and otherwise contains a number of bug fixes from previous software releases.

It would appear that this software boost is coming up for the likes of Apple TV users as well as version 6.0.2 for the same reasons. At the moment you'll not find this update in the Apple security updates list but it will likely appear there sooner than later. Users will currently want to wait for the update to come through their device itself or connect the device to a computer and open up iTunes.

Once inside iTunes – an updated version of iTunes on 11.1.2, that is, you'll find that the device plugs in to reveal the software update right away. From there you'll have to download the update – should take just a minute – and load it to the device. This same process of download and load will work just as fast depending on your wireless connection with the device should you choose to go that route.