iOS 5 is now installed on 1 out of 3 compatible Apple devices

After posting some downright amazing sales numbers earlier today, free adoption of the iPhone 4S' most important addition has reached its own milestone. One out of every three Apple devices across the iPad, iPhone and iPod lines is currently running the new iOS 5, at least among those devices that qualify for it. That's the iPhone 4 and 3GS, the iPod Touch's third and fourth generation, and all current models of the iPad.

Even for a free upgrade, the adoption for iOS 5 has been phenomenal. Initial upgraders swamped the iTunes servers last Wednesday, clamoring to run the new operating system even before the iPhone 4S officially went on sale. All this despite the fact that the iPhone 4S's most talked-about feature (literally), Siri, only works on the new hardware – not that it's impossible to convince it to run on older versions. Between a host of new upgrades, including the fee-dodging iMessage, iCloud, a new Notifications Center, and many, many others that current Apple devotees get access to, it's safe to say the iOS 5 is a hit despite the initial hiccups.

iPhone 4 and iPad owners are among the most likely to be running the latest software, with iPod Touch owners unsurprisingly bringing up the rear. Strangely, the 4th generation Touch is seeing a markedly slower upgrade than its older brother. iPod Touch owners tend to use them as stand-alone devices holding most or all of their music collections, so expect to see these and other numbers increase dramatically over the next few months. The statistics above do not include the iPhone 4S, which would definitely curve the grade a bit.

[via TechCrunch]