iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak teased

Worried about upgrading to iOS 5.1 in fear of losing your jailbreak? Don't worry too much. Developers and hackers have been working behind the scenes in order to provide a working untethered jailbreak in the future, with pod2g teasing a video via Twitter. He goes on to say that he's successfully jailbroken the original iPad and new iPad, good news for those who bought one of Apple's new tablets recently.

On top of that, pod2g has been working with the Dev Team in order to provide the jailbreak for other iOS devices such as the iPhone 4S. There's no word exactly on when this jailbreak will be released, as these things always need rigorous testing, but the final version can't be too far away if it's working with several iOS devices already.

Being able to jailbreak new iOS versions has become increasingly difficult as of late, with longer delays as hackers try to poke holes in Apple's protection. iOS 5.1 was released on March 7th along with the introduction of the new iPad, marking a two month delay between release and the as of yet unreleased jailbreak.

The iPhone 4S took around three months before it was eventually liberated by Chronic and the Dev Team, but it remains a constant cat and mouse game. Apple increasingly adds more barriers and security to stop people from jailbreaking, while the Dev Team continues to find new ways around the problem.

[Thanks, Shobi!]