iOS 14 update breaks Pokemon GO, it's not just you

Over the past few weeks, Pokemon GO on iOS Beta builds has been a bit of a mess. If you were an early updater for the iOS 14 Developer Beta, you likely found that Pokemon GO would no longer launch once you loaded said software. The nightmare for hardcore Pokemon GO trainers continued on from there. As of this week, the Public Beta 2 continues to cause issues for Pokemon GO.

An update from Niantic back on June 22nd, 2020 showed that they weren't particularly keen on making their apps work with "Beta" software. They guaranteed Android 10 and iOS 13 would work, but made it clear that they would not promise anything beyond that, where the word "Beta" as concerned.

This is despite previous suggestions that Pokemon GO's "Supported Devices" included Android 5 or above (rooted devices not supported), and iPhone 5s or above with iOS 10 or above. Niantic also confirmed that they would not support Jailbroken devices.

It wasn't always this way, though Niantic HAS always been staunchly AGAINST the idea of allowing their games to be played on rooted or jailbroken devices. Niantic won't likely bend on this point from this point forward, either. Over the last couple of years, they've gone from doing what they can to stop cheaters to taking a bulldozer approach to all users that could potentially cheat, so to speak.

So assuming you've not already updated your iOS device to a Beta build and you're a big fan of Pokemon GO, now's the time to hesitate! If you've reached the point at which you've defeated all other Team GO Rocket enemies and you're about to get to work on Giovanni, and you're ready to roll on your iPhone for an iOS 14 Beta update – maybe just... don't?