iOS 14.5 public beta released with tracking permission, dual-SIM 5G, facemask Face ID

Today Apple delivered the iOS 14.5 public beta for the masses. This is the latest version of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system made specifically for iPhone devices. Perhaps the most noteworthy addition this update adds is an opt-in to a Face ID unlock with a partially-obscured face – for people wearing a face mask.

If you've downloaded the iOS 14.5 public beta and you'd like to try the Face ID facemask unlock option, know this: You'll also need an Apple Watch. This feature requires both an Apple Watch and an iPhone, both updated to this latest version of the public beta software (and eventually the full public software). That includes both iOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4 in full effect.

NOTE: When this article is set to go live, the public beta for WatchOS 7.4 was not yet available... to the public. By the time you read this article, it's very possible that said software will be available.

This update also adds dual-SIM 5G global support for devices with both the digital eSIM and physical SIM card slot. Data tracking transparency is a massively important part of this update, too. With iOS 14.5 in its public beta form, then eventually in its full public form, you'll see a requirement for apps to ask for permission before tracking your personal data and activities.

If you're looking for the latest update right this minute, the check is simple. First, head to your iPhone's Settings app. Inside, find and tap "General", then tap "Software Update." If you're signed up with the Apple Beta updates program, you should be able to see the update available for your iPhone now.

If you own an iPhone that does not already have iOS 14, chances are your device won't be getting an update to iOS 14.5. If your iPhone is older than an iPhone 6S, you probably won't be getting this update to Public Beta iOS 14.5.