iOS 11.2.1 released: Here's why you should update now

Apple has released iOS version 11.2.1, bringing a variety of bug fixes to iPhone and iPad owners. The update is available now, and you probably shouldn't put off installing it. Why? Amid the bug fixes is the solution to one particularly large bug, one that may not affect you at the moment but that could show up to ruin your day at the most inopportune time.READ: iPhone X Review: This Changes Everything

The arrival of iOS 11.2 brought with it a bug for some users, one that revolves around the camera. Upon updating, some users reported that their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X would have trouble focusing with the camera.

Users say the update caused a bug in which the lens would constantly hunt — that is, move back and forth — without actually focusing on the subject. That's a particularly frustrating issue considering how many people chose the iPhone over other devices because of its excellent camera.

This latest update, iOS 11.2.1, is a bug fix update, and one that brings the solution to this camera focusing problem. The release notes for the update don't mention the focusing bug at all, however users who experienced the issue are now reporting that it is gone post-update.

In addition to that, and as specifically noted in the update changelog, iOS 11.2.1 also fixes a problem in which remote access to shared users of the Home app could become disabled. The above changes are joined by other small, less notable fixes. How do you install the update yourself? Head into Settings > General > Software Update.