Iomega EZ Media and Backup Center revealed

When it comes to digital storage of files from your computer and for your home network, Iomega is the name you really ought to be thinking of this week due in part to their announcement of the new Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center line of drives. What you've got here is a network storage solution that allows you to have one central point for all the devices in your home network. To make this solution work, it's a simple process which include CD-less, simple, online backup – dive in!

This solution works with Iomega's QuikProtect software, this working with a built-in iTunes server, the ability to work with your files through Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. In addition, you can work instantly with your new mac's Time Machine feature to do instant storage with no effort at all. Torrent support is included as well, this for your soon to be gigantic collection of downloads that are, again, available to access from any of your home-based machines.

The Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center comes DLNA certified for you to be streaming video, audio, and photos across your network. You can stream to multimedia players, digital picture frames, game consoles, and of course mobile devices and your desktop and laptop machines. The models this device will be coming in will be 1TB will cost SRP $219.99, 2TB will be $299.99, and the 3TB will cost $399.99, and all of this should be available in February of 2012. Sound like the solution for you?