IOIO for Android gets video demos: Geek's paradise!

The IOIO for Android breakout board impressed us earlier in the week with its hack-friendly potential, turning an Android smartphone into the hub of any electronics project. Now its creator, Ytai, has shared some examples of what the IOIO is capable of, including a retro-style alarm clock that can ring when you get messages.

The alarm clock is The Gifts Project's handiwork, a fetching pink classic alarm clock which hooks up to the IOIO and can alert you to phone alarms, incoming calls and messages using its LEDs and noisy double-bell ringer. Different events trigger different rings.

Meanwhile there's also the Visual Charger, a relatively straightforward way to hook up a 7-segment LED display to an Android device, and the Wall Printer, seven marker pens managed by phone-controlled servos. When the project is finished, they'll be able to create huge text banners by printing out on long sheets of paper. The IOIO for Android is available for preorder now, priced at $49.95.

[via Android Community]