InteraXon Muse "brain-sensing" headband scores funding for mind-controlled future

Adding to the list of wearable-technology that will one day dot our digital landscape, tech company InteraXon has scored $6 million in funding for what it calls a "brain-sensing" headband, the Muse. With this device, wearers will have their brainwave patterns read and will be able to perform simple mind-control activities, with more functionality said to be in development.

Unlike some other brainwave-sensing headbands, the Muse is a fairly thin and not as likely to stick out during everyday use, something the company says it was designed for. Presently, the device will work alongside an iOS or Android app (user-dependent) to send the brainwave data via Bluetooth, where it will be parsed by the related app and translated into instructions for controlling the device.

For now, InteraXon says it is concentrating on "brain health" with the device, but is shipping the headband along with an SDK for those who purchase in hopes of getting more software with additional functionality out there. The Muse itself has six sensors that read multiple brainwaves, and the battery reportedly lasts for 5 hours with continuous use.

This isn't the first device of its kind, however. Back in earlier 2012, for example, we discussed NeuroSky's MindWave mobile, which reads brainwaves and beams the information to an iOS or Android device running the related app. InteraXon discusses this model, saying that it is different from Muse in a couple of ways, one being its targeted focus towards gamers, and another being Muse's design for hours-long everyday use.

Those who are interested can reserve a Muse headband over on InteraXon's website for $199 USD, a price that will be going up starting September 3rd, according to the company. The reservation includes the headband, a Brain Health System app, and a basic SDK. Says the company, those who order the device right now will see it shipping sometime at the end of this year.

SOURCE: AllThingsD