MindWave Mobile sends your brainwaves to iOS and Android

Lifting your arms, gliding your fingers over screens... laborious tasks. If only there was something that could make life even lazier. How about the MindWave Mobile headset from NeuroSky? The company is pitching it as a brainwave reading device that sits on your head, sending information to IOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. Various apps and games can then interpret the data.

The company has previously worked on products like the Mindflex and Star Wars Force Trainer, combining similar work to create the MindWave Mobile. NeuroSky offers two apps with the device in order to taken advantage of the data. The first is is MyndPlay, a video app that allows the player to change the course of a movie plot depending on their state of mind.

Meanwhile, FocusPocus lets students "become smarter" thanks to "four years of ADHD research by one of the world's leading education universities." It all sounds so crazy that it might even work. The MindWave Mobile costs $129.95, and is available from the NeuroSky website right now. Apps are already up on the App Store and Play Store, with a separate store for PC software.