Intendix Meshes the Line Between Brain and Computer, For a Price

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. What we have here, by definition, is exactly where technology should be going. While we love all our gadgets, from the smallest magnets to the largest LED TVs, it's this kind of tech that makes our spines tingle. After all, even if it may not work as well as it does in all those science-fiction movies, it's sure going in the right direction. Intendix wants to make it possible for those who may not be able to speak, to finally get what they want to say out to those around them, and we can't help but love the process.

The Intendix computer was debuted during CeBIT 2010, but there were some key details missing from the presentation. The technology itself was created by the Austrian Guger Technologies, or g.tec, to better improve the lives of those with any kind of locked-in syndrome, or any other kind of situation that may prevent someone from telling people what they want or need. And yes, you are right about what it does: the system is a thought-to-computer network, which works by placing an EEG helmet on the user. From that point on, the user can "text," or trigger an alarm if needed. The system is also able to speak the text out-loud, copy or print text to or from an email, or to issue commands to an external device. The system works at a rate of about five to 10 characters per minute.

There's no other way to look at this: it's mind control, but in a far more healthy, and lucrative fashion. Trying to help others is never a bad thing, and we're hoping that the Intendix makes it to as many people as it can who need it. However, like any other thing that's needed, there's always a price tag. What we're looking at now is about $12,250 for a single unit. There's also no word on widespread distribution or manufacturing, but hopefully that gets cleared up soon.

[via Akihabara News]