Fridge magnets look like iPhone icons

One of the most popular brands of gear in all of geekdom is Apple. Pretty much everything Steve and his fruity cohorts make turns out to be gold, other than Apple TV anyway. Among the most popular devices Apple offers is the iPhone with hoards of dedicated users. If you want to show off your fondness for the iPhone, Jailbreak Toys has the perfect fridge magnets for you.

The individual magnets look like the icons form the iPhone home screen and can be arranged to whatever design you want. Each of the magnets measures 7/8" x 7/8" and are made from some sort of epoxy. The outer cardboard packaging is 9.5" x 5".

It's not clear is the iPhone looking frame in the picture above (which could be the cardboard outer packaging) is included or just for showing off the magnets on the website. The company points out that the magnets are not affiliated with Apple. I have to wonder if Apple will go after these guys to stop them from ripping off their icons. You can get your own set now for $12.99 with free shipping if you order three sets.