Intel: We'll beat ARM on active power efficiency with Medfield

Strong words from Intel this week on the battle for low-power CPU supremacy, and with companies looking to ARM as the de-facto standard it's about time they stepped up their game.  Intel's Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner, told Reuters that "with (our) Moorestown processor we equal them on standby power, in the next generation Medfield we will equal them on active power" before going on to predict that the stage after that was Intel pulling widely ahead of ARM completely.

"I expect us to just pull away after that because we have a fundamental technology advantage, which they don't have" he continued, though unfortunately stopped short of actually defining what that technology advantage might be.  It might, of course, be lashings of money in the bank; Intel did, after all, announce a record financial quarter back in July.  What remains to be seen, though, is not how Moorestown and Medfield will compete against current-generation ARM chipsets, but how it will cope against the future CPUs from the company; after all, it's not like ARM are sitting back and ignoring the power/efficiency balance either.

[via The Tech Report]