Intel to acquire NVIDIA in wild rumor with Jen-Hsun at helm

It appears that one of the crazier of rumors we've heard for a while has fired up in the processor business with NVIDIA being acquired by Intel with a CEO switch-up placing none other than NVIDIA's current head in charge of it all. The folks at Bright Side of news have a bit of an unsubstantiated set of claims here that we're going to go ahead and report on just as much for its possible validity as for the entertainment value it provides you, the reader, as the possibility of these two titans teaming up is not exactly on the top of our "yes, that will happen" lists for 2013.

These sources say that "a coffee table" is being sat at by NVIDIA and Intel where they're discussing the possibility of a team-up in the near future. Not so much of a team-up when it comes to the cash, as the deal is said to have Intel purchasing NVIDIA while the head of NVIDIA replaces the head of Intel. As you attempt to swallow all of this information, note that it's said to not just be about the mobile processing unit of NVIDIA, but the GeForce segment as well.

The one ding in the armor that is the impossibility of this deal is the fact that Intel's BoD announced earlier this year that they're considering a new CEO that wouldn't necessarily come from in-house. The board at Intel noted specifically that they would "consider internal and external candidates" for the new CEO and that a transition would take place in May of 2013. The transition is happening now, in fact, with a 6-month period separating May from the original start of the move.

The move for Intel has been suggested to be partially due to the lack of power Intel has shown in the mobile business (tablets, smartphones, and everything in-between). If NVIDIA's power moves over the past several years are any indication of how well they're being received as a mobile force to be reckoned with, Intel certainly has had considerations on their mind on how they might take a bite of that delicious SoC pie. Will that suggestion of a taste end up resulting in an outright purchase of NVIDIA? We'll just have to wait and see!