Intel SIMD Accelerator: better MID graphics, less power

Intel have developed an ultracompact graphics accelerator for ultramobile devices, which could see future MIDs, UMPCs and netbooks render graphics faster and at higher quality.  The system is a new breed of SIMD Accelerator (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) which executes multiple computing instructions simultaneously but is refined for ultramobile use.

Key among the changes of Intel's new ultramobile SIMD Accelerator is its power requirement: the new accelerator uses around 10x less power than similar devices currently available.  That means increased runtime and graphical performance without a hit on battery life; or, alternatively, smaller batteries but the same performance as we're used to, only in a much more compact MID.

No word on when we could see the ultramobile SIMD Accelerator used in products, but according to Intel it's definitely going to be impacting on future devices.  That means a lot when you consider Intel's investment in not only MIDs but mobile graphics chipsets.