Intel reportedly in talks with Samsung and Amazon for Web TV backing

In February, Intel announced plans for a Web TV service, something that would be akin to Hulu and Netflix, but that would also offer live TV broadcasts. The given timeline for the service was later in 2013, a time that is quickly nearing and has prompted the company to seek backers for the service. If such backers willing to distribute and fund Web TV aren't found, the project may fizzle away, says sources.

According to these sources, who spoke with the folks over at AllThingsD, Intel has been in talks with both Samsung and Amazon over the service, hoping to find a way to get the service off the ground. Neither Samsung or Amazon have confirmed this, but word has it Intel has dedicated in excess of 300 employees to the service, which will be branded as OnCue.

OnCue is reportedly being tested by over 3000 Intel workers, with the service being designed to work with an Intel set-top box that works over the Internet in a way similar to a standard for-pay television service. Some of the targeted features include the ability to watch any content that has aired in the past 72 hours via a cloud-connected DVR.

While such ambitions are interesting, there aren't yet any deals in place with any big TV networks, and such is its sticking point. A deal with Samsung or Amazon may end up coming to play, which will give the service a fighting chance among of its big competitors. Without any official information, however, we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

SOURCE: AllThingsD