Intel NUC M15 laptop kits revealed - small and powerful

This week Intel revealed the Intel NUC M15 Laptop Kit, a system formerly code-named Bishop County. This kit includes an 11th Gen Intel Core mobile processor as well as Intel Iris Xe graphics. It's made to exceed "the stringent requirements of the new Intel Evo platform brand," and makes a good case for the excellence of the mobile, portable, powerful laptop of the near future.

The Intel NUC M15 Laptop Kit aims for the whitebook market. This means it's made to serve as an example of what the ideal Intel laptop can do – but it also serves to show the public what they COULD be capable of making with the parts provided. If one were so inclined, a modded or homemade laptop, a whitebook, could be made with individual components purchased piece-by-piece.*

Per Intel's release for this system, Intel "provides its broad channel members the best building blocks to create innovative laptops for their customers."

Normally a "NUC" computer is a tiny baby PC, a computer released by Intel with a form factor that's basically a tiny box. Take a peek at the Intel NUC from back a few years ago and you'll see how cute they've been. The NUC line has been out on the market for the past 8 years.

Now, Intel's NUC laptop line brings the svelte industrial design of the compact PC to a laptop line. Less than 15mm z-height (.59 inch), and under 1.7kg (3.75 lbs) with the latest 11th Gen Intel Core processors inside – that's Tiger Lake. This 16-inch display-toting laptop works with Intel Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and a 73 Whr battery with fast charging.

*NOTE: To be extra clear, here, these laptops are not made to be sold direct to customers. You'll likely see brands of several sorts marketing these laptops under their own brand with specifications from Intel and 2-year warranty support through Intel. We'll let you know when the consumer-ready models appear!