Intel Ivy Bridge brings 'tick-plus' architecture

Today Intel is busting open bottles of champagne as they release officially their 3rd generation Intel Core processors, aka Ivy Bridge, and they've detailed why these chips are going to blow our minds with the term "Tick-Plus." This new three-dimensional structure for their new transistors will take on the common method of construction today – 2D. The third dimension here, says Intel, will bring not just increased transistor density, but functionality as a result – "more capabilities [in] every square millimeter" to get your engine revving!

Intel's engineers are excited to show off how they've "re-invented" the transistor and will be bringing computer power to the next level starting immediately. With this new architecture they've outlined today, Ivy Bridge will be bringing "an unprecedented combination" of energy efficiency and high-performance computing. They've called upon the gods to bring Moore's Law into the future, with 3rd generation Intel Cores on the wave!

It's the "tick-plus" or "tick-tock" method Intel is speaking about here, with the following being true of this newest generation's delivery:

"Changing the chips' architecture while at the same time shrinking the size of the underlying transistors is an acceleration of Intel's "tick-tock" model. Previously, the company adhered to a strict "tick-tock" model in which a new manufacturing process was introduced in 1 year (the "tick"), and the architecture of the chip (the "tock") was altered the next. The ability to accelerate the roadmap and change both the chips' architecture and the manufacturing process at the same time was made possible because Intel is one of the few companies that both designs and manufactures its chips, a method called Integrated Device Manufacturing." – Intel

We're certainly pumped up as ever that Intel is using their vertical model of manufacturing to bring the most powerful processors on earth to the public. Stay tuned to SlashGear for more Intel news, bits, and bytes throughout the week!