Intel Haswell chip boasts 24 hours on one charge

Rue Liu - Sep 13, 2011, 2:26pm CDT
Intel Haswell chip boasts 24 hours on one charge

During Intel’s Developer Forum today, the chip maker revealed its next-gen Haswell chip architecture set to debut in 2013. It will be the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture, which has yet to ship for 2012, and is built on the same 22nm process but promises up to a 20-fold reduction of overall power consumption.

Not a whole bunch of technical details were revealed on the Intel Haswell, but the promised performance of the new chip architecture was jaw-dropping. A laptop running on the Intel Haswell chip can reportedly run for 24 hours on one charge and remain for 10 days on connected standby. And because the 22nm 3D transistor architecture uses so little power, it can run on a solar cell.

In fact, at the IDF event, Intel presented a brief demonstration using a Windows prototype with the Haswell chip being powered entirely by a tiny solar cell. The solar cell was only being exposed to two light bulbs for its power source. This shows that Intel is getting mighty serious about power consumption.

Earlier today, Intel and Google jointly announced that future Android releases would be fully optimized for Intel’s Atom-based processors. Meanwhile, Microsoft showed off a new Windows 8 tablet prototype developed by Samsung and powered by an Intel processor.

[via Gizmodo]

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