Intel delays USB 3.0 chipsets until 2011 according to source

If you are like me and are tired of backing up loads of data via a pokey USB 2.0 connection, you were really looking forward to USB 3.0. Most all of us expected USB 3.0 to show up on computers late this year or in early 2010 and the USB-IF has been sending out USB 3.0 developer's kits for a while now. Despite support from industry associations and other players in the industry, Intel has reportedly decided to delay USB 3.0 support in its key chipsets until 2011.

An unnamed industry source told EETimes that Intel has pushed USB 3.0. That is surprising to me considering how USB 3.0 was well represented at IDF recently. The source said, "tech and strategy groups [at Intel] are not always aligned with the product development teams that are in the mode of trying to make revenue and prioritize what to integrate."

That doesn't mean we won't see any USB 3.0 support next year, but that support will be limited to higher-end machines with mass support coming in 2011. The same source also claims that wireless USB is virtually dead. The reason for the demise of wireless USB is in part due to new 60GHz technology.