Intel CULV Celeron U3400 due Q3; 6-Series desktop CPUs in Q1 2011

News of Intel's next-gen processors has emerged, including the supposedly-delayed next generation CULV chips and, slightly further off, their 6-series desktop chipsets.  According to Fudzilla, the second-gen CULV processors will be Calpella based and built on a 32nm Arrandale dual-core.  The first chip will be the Intel Celeron U3400, running at 1.06GHz with 18W TDP and arriving in notebooks Q3 2010.

However, the U3400 won't support Turbo Boost – something Intel doesn't allow its Celeron range chips to offer – but it will get integrated 45nm graphics which can overclock from the standard 166MHz to 500MHz.  There's also 2MB of cache and DDR3 800 memory support.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes is reporting that the 6-series desktop CPUs will arrive in Q1 2011, including the Q67, Q65, B65, H67 and P67.  Of the five, the H67 and P67 will be Intel's new consumer-focused range.  Meanwhile, Intel have also apparently confirmed that they are looking to streamline their motherboard labelling by retiring the various Core i3, i5 and i7 logos in favor of a single "Intel Core CPU" brand; the exception will be an Intel Core i7 Extreme logo for the company's highest-performing chips.