Intel Core i7 950 and Extreme 975 appear

You've got to admire Intel's persistence: if you can't squeeze out AMD with slightly shady business practices, then crush them with new high-end processors.  Two new Core i7 chips have made an appearance, the Intel Core i7 Extreme 975 and the Core i7 950, expected to replace the 965 and 940 chips respectively.

The Core i7 Extreme 975 is the fastest consumer Nehalem processor so far, a quad-core chip with 3.33GHz clock speed and 8MB of shared L3 cache.  It's being listed for between $1,100 and $1,129.

Meanwhile the Intel Core i7 950 clocks in at 3.06GHz and includes 8MB of shared L3 cache.  That's priced at a slightly more affordable (but only in comparison with the 975) $649.  According to retailer PCs For Everyone, both chips will be released on May 31st.

[via PC World]