Intel chops some Sandy Bridge processor prices

Of all the parts inside the notebooks and other computers that we all use every day, one of the most expensive components is the CPU. As processors come down in price, the PC as a whole gets cheaper. Intel has announced that it will be cutting the price on some Sandy Bridge CPUs. Intel notified its partners of the price cuts that will be made on the Core i3 and Core i5 series parts.

The price cuts may be a way of helping to keep demand up as the Intel Ivy Bridge follow up gets ready to launch next year. DigiTimes cites sources at major notebook firms claiming that the processor prices are set to drop 10-15%. Prices on notebooks using the parts have been going down already with Asus and Acer reducing prices on the Core i5-2430 notebooks to around $659 and Core i3 version are selling for significantly less than that.

The sources that tip the price cut on the processors also claim that the prices of first gen Core i5 Ultrabooks are also set to fall to the $799 to $899 range in January 2012. This is a move to clear out inventories in preparation for new models. DigiTimes reports that the 22nm Ivy Bridge parts like the Core i5-3450 and i7-3370 parts will be in the $184 to $332 range.

[via DigiTimes]