Intel and Google in talks for Android MIDs?

Google and Intel are reportedly working together, regarding support for the Android platform on Intel-based MIDs.  While that might seem slightly unusual – given that Intel has been heavily promoting its Moblin open-source platform for MIDs and netbooks – according to Taiwanese MID manufacturers it's all part of the chip company's plan to be "the hardware platform of choice".

We're also led to believe that there's a little altruism in there too, with Intel supposedly hoping to "facilitate the development of an ecosystem which can benefit the industry as a whole and ultimately end-users."  Whether that's exactly true or not, the company would certainly benefit from weening Android off of ARM chipsets and onto their own range of Atom CPUs.

Don't expect to see any of the current range of MIDs sporting official Intel/Google Android builds, however.  According to the leaks, the first fruit of the collaboration won't be ready until Intel's Moorestown platform makes its debut, which the company has previously said will take place in 2010

[MID in image is actually NVIDIA Tegra based, not Intel]