Intel Admits AppUp Still Hasn't Generated Much Interest

Intel launched its own app store for netbooks in January of 2010 and although interest in the marketplace appeared to be growing with major content additions, consumer signups for the platform remain low. According to a tweet from @LeilaMakki, Intel admits that it hasn't registered many consumers to the platform. In fact, only about 350,000 have signed up.

The AppUp initiative was to target Apple's App Store model by offering ways for individuals to integrate or customize their own curated app stores. The platform initially launched in beta with Intel opening it's own specific store in September 2010 followed by a high-profile addition of Angry Birds for PC. But even the game phenomenon couldn't generate more interest for the platform.

AppUp chief Peter Biddle admitted at the time that the platform "is the world's largest app store that nobody's ever heard of." And now only 3 months shy of hitting its two-year mark, AppUp has only registered 350,000 users. AppUp attempts to transfer the old world mom-and-pop model to the apps marketplace, but much like it is in the real world retail industry, consumers don't seem to have a problem shopping at the big box stores.