Angry birds hits Intel AppUp store for Windows

I bet that there are a lot of you out there that love Angry birds. If you really like the game and have wished you could play it on your computer at home or in the office, the game has now hit the Intel AppUp store. This is the store for Windows computers where you can buy little download games directly from Intel.

We all know how the game works and the big difference here is that the case is supported on Windows OS machines ranging from XP up to Windows 7. The controls are using the mouse and one person who bought the game posted on the AppUp page for the app that the mouse controls work great and that the graphics look good.

If you want to grab the app you can download it right now from AppUp store for $4.99. If you get the game, let us know how it plays and works. I wonder if the Windows version will be updated as often as the mobile versions of the game.