Intel acquires Indisys for universal Natural Language Recognition

Intel continues to expand into the always-on universe of computing, having made public their acquisition of Spanish startup Indisys today. This acquisition was completed all the way back in May of this year, but for whatever reason was only revealed here in September – it's possible that Intel was waiting to let this rain of next-generation technology news bits fall all the same time here at the tail end of summer. Indisys is known for their work in natural language recognition.

Intel previously invested in Indisys all the way back in November of 2012 (aka not that long ago), in the sum of a cool €3.2 million ($4.24 million). According to TechCrunch, the company had received a total of around $7 million, including capital and grants, at that time (November 29th of 2012).

Here in 2013, it would appear that Intel has bought the company out for a value somewhere around $30-$35 million according to GigaOM. Spanish news site HemeroTek appears to be the source for these figures earlier today, though they report that the deal closed in August while Intel itself says the deal was signed for in May.

Founding members of Indisys Pilar Manchon (CEO), William Perez (CTO), and Gabriel Amores appear to still be onboard with the company at the moment – with Intel, that is. Intel has also spoken up on how "the majority of Indisys employees" have joined Intel. It's unknown whether any of these designers and/or engineers have joined Intel's New Devices group.

Sidenote: asking the virtual user Maya (pictured above in the center of the hero image of this post with a red shirt on) through Indisys' homepage whether or not she works for Intel results in the following answer: "I enjoy my job quite a bit. It requires a lot of work, but it's worth it. Intel Capital is an international venture capital fund and one of Indisys' investing partners."