Intel Acquires Ascending Technologies For RealSense Drone Tech Boost

Today Intel has announced that they'll be acquiring a drone company by the name of Ascending Technologies. This is a small company, just 75 people large, and Intel suggests that they're sending offers to the whole lot to join the company. Intel suggests that they are no discussing product roadmaps or financial terms at this time. Ascending Technologies is a German company that appeared at last year's Intel/Brian Krzanich keynote at CES 2015.

Above you're seeing Ascending Technologies demonstration flight at CES 2015 (again, this was last year). At that presentation, Ascending Technologies showed a drone that used Intel RealSense technology. Below you'll see this most recent bit of team-up between Ascending Technologies' sense-and-avoid tech and Intel RealSense, all on a drone made to avoid obstacles and collisions.

Image above photographed by Ethan Miller for Getty.

With this acquisition, Intel "gains expertise and technology to accelerate the deployment of Intel RealSense technology" – quicker and better, that is to say.

This year's CES Intel presentation will take place on Tuesday (tomorrow), the 5th of January, 2016. We'll hear more about this acquisition and Intel's growing interest in drones then!