Intel 160GB X25-M SSD begins shipping

Intel have begun shipping the 160GB version of their X25-M solid-state drive.  The new SSD doubles the capacity of the previous model, the 80GB, and is initially only available in the 2.5-inch form-factor; a 1.8-inch 160GB X18-M SSD will begin shipping in January 2009.  No official pricing has been announced for either drive; however the 80GB X25-M currently retails for around $540.

Intel's SSDs have been well-received by reviewers, with the original X25-M and X18-M both scoring highly in speed tests.  Access, write and seek times all lived up to Intel's own claims – including 250Mbps read times and 70Mbps write times – and the drives are credited with excellent multitasking performance and speedy application starts.

Performance users, such as server managers, also have the X25-E on offer.  While it costs around $700 and only offers 32GB of storage, it's been called the fastest drive some sites have ever tested.  There's no word on when a larger capacity model may be released.