Instagram surpasses 100 million monthly users

The popular photo-sharing service Instagram has announced that they have reached 100 million monthly active users after just two-and-a-half years of being available to photography nerds around the world. Despite the recent privacy policy debacle, it seems a lot of users are over that now, and are ready to get back to creating timeless imagery.

Last month, we reported that Instagram was at the 90-million mark for monthly active users, which means that the service saw a 10% growth in users in a little over a month — quite impressive if you ask us. In a blog post published today, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom shared some of his thoughts about the service and how far it has come in two and a half years.

Systrom recounts some moments after the service launched back in 2010, and says that the insulation in the company's first offices wasn't that great, and he remembers hearing the fans at AT&T Park cheering nearby as the San Francisco Giants took on the Philadelphia Phillies in a race for the NLCS. It was both cold in the offices and noises from the outside seeped in a lot.

However, the employees were able to tune into the game by viewing Instagram photos being taken during the ball game, and Systrom says that was the first time that he knew that Instagram was "going to be different" than any other photography app. With over 40 million photos being posted per day, and counting, Instagram has certainly come a long way.