Instagram Stories now let you poll your friends

Another day, another Instagram Stories update. Instagram has been seemingly launching new features for Stories left and right, and just when you might think that it's running out of new things to implement, it comes right back and introduces polls. Beginning today, you can poll your friends in Instagram Stories and see the results of your poll in real time.

Polls will be rolled into Stories in the form of a new sticker. Once you've recorded video or snapped a photo for your story, you need only select the poll sticker and place it anywhere you like within the image or video. You'll have the ability to customize the question and the answers, thereby asking your friends anything that may be on your mind.

Unfortunately, you'll be limited to two-choice polls through this new sticker, so questions that move beyond "either/or" answers will need to be asked through a different method. Still, Stories polls should be a good tool for figuring out what kind of outfit to wear or whether you should have pizza or tacos to dinner, though technically the correct answer there is "both."

Anyone who happens to be following you will be able to answer the poll you post to your story, and they'll see the current standings once they place their vote. They can also watch the story later in the day to see updated results. If you'd like to see the results of your own poll, you simply need to swipe up to see the viewer list for your story. You'll not only see the results, but you'll see who among your friends and followers voted for what.

Like Stories in general, those poll results will disappear after 24 hours, so you're free to ask questions with the knowledge that the poll won't be around forever. On top of polls, Android and iOS users are getting a new color picker tool today, while iOS users will get new guides that help them place their stickers in the perfect positions. All of these new features are going live in Instagram version 16 on both Android and iOS, so make sure your app is updated to that version and dive in.