Instagram sends alert when you screenshot 'disappearing' content

Instagram recently introduced 'disappearing photos and videos' messaging, a Snapchat-'inspired' feature that allows you to send temporary content to someone directly, after which point it'll disappear. As with anything sent to someone else, though, the possibility exists that they'll save it, and the easiest way to do that is with a screenshot. Assuming someone does take a screenshot of your disappearing content, Instagram will send an alert letting you know.

With this new sharing method, users are able to directly share a video or photo with a friend or group of friends. Once the recipient views the content, it will be deleted and will no longer appear logged in the overall conversation. Depending on what the content is, though, someone may choose to take a screenshot and save it, taking whatever it was and moving it outside of your control.

How to use Instagram disappearing photo and video messaging

While you can't do anything to force them to delete their screenshot, you will receive an alert letting you know the content was saved by the recipient, enabling you to make an informed decision about whether you want to share any content with that individual in the future. The alert includes the Instagram user's username.

Obviously it works the same way if you take a screenshot of someone else's message, too, letting them know you saved their photo or a frame from their video. Instagram also shows the sender when a recipient replays their disappearing content rather than immediately closing it (not that doing so is a bad thing, of course). Not familiar with all these neat new Instagram features? Check out the timeline below for more details.