Instagram printing and messaging possibilities for NYC event

Chris Burns - Dec 5, 2013, 1:35pm CST
Instagram printing and messaging possibilities for NYC event

Invites have been sent today to a collection of Instagram users and press alike, these invites containing a block of wood with an Instagram photo printed up front. These blocks are approximately 4-inches wide and 4-inches tall and have a hole at the back made for hanging. These blocks could very well mean that Instagram is moving forward with physical printing on a variety of objects in the near future.

Imagine if the third-party services that’ve sprung up over the past year – the whole vast collection of them – were to be cut down by Instagram itself. Facebook too has seen its fair share of services spring up to their side with the ability to access and print Facebook photos.

One of these services goes by the name Prinstagram (as seen above), accessing Instagram photos for a wide variety of printables. For Facebook there’s services like Blueprints, a service very similar to Prinstagram, this time hitting up the big blue social network for source material.


The photo above comes from CNET, shared by Shara Tibken, one of the few that’ve laid hands on this invitation package. If you happen to see more, please feel free to speak up!

We’ll be reporting on this event at 10 AM on December 12th, 2013 – that’s 10AM Eastern Time, of course, 7AM for those of you living in California. Time to get up early for some filtered snapshots!

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