Instagram Live released to web, what's next?

Instagram Live now works on the web. That means that web browsers on multiple platforms – including desktop platforms – can now view Instagram Live video feeds. The new interface is far more intuitive than the original, especially when it comes to multiple feeds in a single Instagram Live event situation. This system should be live for most if not all users right this minute.

If you find a link to an Instagram Live event, you should be able to view that feed on your desktop machine. In a browser like Google Chrome, you'll find the feed at Instagram (slash) username (slash) live. From there, you'll find the Instagram Live feed video (or videos) to the left, and comments to the right.

This system also shows the LIVE status of the video, and the number of people currently watching said feed. This is just about the simplest setup for live video feed action on any platform, ever. So while it's similar to platforms like YouTube or Twitch, it is, to some degree, better.

Surely this wasn't just done for COVID-19, right?

This new release came just after the release of Instagram Direct Messages to the web. This system was also relegated to mobile app iterations of the platform. It would not be a shock to find the rest of the Instagram features previously relegated to mobile apps just... get opened to the web, very soon. Cross your fingers and we'll let you know when it all goes down.

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