Instagram keeps secretly testing the fix for its big problem

Instagram's multiple accounts iOS app release begins now, sort of. What you're going to see, if you're super lucky, is the option to add multiple accounts to your single Instagram app. This was revealed as an option for the Beta users on Android not too long ago – now iOS users will be given the same opportunity. And lucky you, so very lucky, are you... if you get to use it. The roll out for now seems entirely random.

According to the folks at Latergram, the option to upgrade to the newest version of Instagram isn't a guarantee that you'll have this new option. If you DO have this option, you'll find it from your profile page.

1. Head to your Profile Page.2. Tap on Options.3. Seek the bottom of the list you'll see "Add Account".Instagram launches multi-account support for mobile devices

If you do not see "Add Account", you're SOL. If you do, you're lucky. You're the luckiest kid on the block.

And why would you want to be able to use multiple accounts in your single Instagram app? If you have to ask that question, you probably don't need to use multiple accounts in one app.

If you're like me, someone who has one account for personal stormtrooper photos and one account for business stormtrooper photos, you very much look forward to the time when this feature is ready to roll standard.