Instagram is busted; it's not just your feed

Have you noticed a few issues with Instagram today? If pics or videos not loading has you scratching your head, you're not alone. Not only have we here at SlashGear noticed it, but others around the world have as well. In addition to a spike in reported problems, Instagram took to (oddly enough) Twitter to let everyone know they were aware of the problems, and were working on a fix. Still, the popular photo-sharing service remains hamstrung for many users.

Via the other popular microblogging service, Instagram only says they are "aware" of an issue affecting feeds, and that they're working on a fix. There is, of course, no timeframe for a resolution.

We've noticed a few problems, like pics plain not loading up in various posts, but others report new posts not showing up as well. It's not clear what "an" issue is for Instagram at this time.

If you're trying to upload pics or videos, that's still possible, it seems. You can also share without a problem, but don't expect others can see them straight away just yet.

Visiting individual profiles seems to ease the pain of your feed being busted, though that's a cumbersome workaround if you're addicted to the pic feed. We're left to assume it's a problem with how posts manifest in the main feed, but Instagram is mum on the details right now.

Until a fix comes, just be patient. In the meantime, maybe give Twitter's new photo filters a shot!

Source: Twitter